Social Media Hiatus

Social media can be fun and cruel at the same time. Just last month, I felt I was judged and ridiculed on two of my posts on Facebook about my parenting style. So I decided to take a break from all of it and more than a month after, I feel more relaxed and so much less of a paranoid and insecure parent. Though I really like sharing my funny experiences with my talkative child, I think that, it is better this way – free from stress. I rarely post on my Instagram now (just stories tagged by my sister and for today, my child’s improving painting – see below) and temporarily deactivated my Facebook.


Feet Clean

John 13

[Verse 6]             Simon Peter: Lord, do you wash my feet?

[Verse 7]             Jesus: What I am doing, you do not understand now but afterward you will understand.

[Verse 8]             Simon Peter: You shall never wash my feet!

                             Jesus: If I do not wash you, you have no share with me.

[Verse 9]             Simon Peter: Lord, not my feet only but also my hands and my head!

How beautiful it is that Jesus, The One the King of Kings sent to save the world, willingly died on the cross so that we may live? A love like no other. A love filled with so much grace that even when there are times we do not understand how deeply-rooted it is in our very core, it is there and no one and nothing can take it away from us. We only need to grab it because it is ours for the taking.

In this conversation between Jesus and Simon Peter, I realized that in all the secrecy of our sins, in order for us to be clean, Jesus washes our feet.

I have a very good friend who just recently got broken-hearted. I listened to her painful sobs while she said that the decision was made because it has to be. It was a relationship that is not right for both of them. But I know, it was God who made the break-up happen because He loves them so much that He had to wash their feet (sins).

Most of the time, we do not want to let Him wash our feet (Simon said he “You shall never wash my feet!”) because of embarrassment that we want to hide from Him, or because we like the sin so much that we are not willing to give it up, or we are afraid of the change of lifestyle and the list goes on. But God explains again and again and again that if we want Him in our life, He has to wash us. And boy was He always right!

I remember that in all my past relationships, I have prayed at some point, that if it is not what He wants for me (I know it wasn’t the one He wanted for me, EVERY TIME, hahaha!), that He should take it away from me. I knew it was going to hurt like the world have fallen on me, but I knew it has to be done. It had to be done. And at first I did not understand why it had to end, but I see the purpose afterwards (see verse 7).


Tell It To Jesus

Two weeks before Christmas, I got mad at my daughter. Then I heard her saying (while crying) –

“Jesus, please don’t give Mommy presents.”


Then when we were already in bed trying to sleep that night, I was hugging her and then she said –

“Jesus, you can now give presents to Mommy.”


Can I eat grass?

Today, while my daughter watched cows grazing near our house –

MH: Mommy why is it (cow) eating the grass?

SR: Because it is their food.

MH: Can I eat the grass, too?

SR: No anak. You can’t eat the grass.

MH: Please?

SR: Okay. But you have to eat vegetables and fruits first before you can eat the grass.


LOL! The things you do and say just to get your little picky eater eat veggies and fruits.


Career Talk

So we were praying…

Me: Jesus give our family breakthroughs in our chosen careers.

MH: Mommy what is career?

Me: Career means work.

MH: Why breakthroughs?

Me: So that Jesus will give me promotion. Promotion means higher salary. Higher salary means more money.

MH: A lot of money?!?

Me: Yes.

MH: Okay.


*Hahaha! That was fast!



How To Win Over Your Child’s Whys: Part 2

While waiting for our turn in the Pedia clinic –

MH: Mommy what is that?

SR: Hmnn that is an electricity meter (sub meter).

MH: Why? Why is it there?

SR: To measure electricity consumption.

MH: Why? Why? Why?

SR: To measure the consumption of electricity and whatever the result will be equivalent to an amount which we will have to pay.

MH: Ahhhh…

I swear this works than just merely answering one question at a time!